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Sunday, 26 February 2012

♥ baby i don't care what the hell are u ! ♥

                                        بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِ الرحمن الرحي     

if its is okayy i like to says somethings. .okayy. . think about person that u love. .one day he tell u that he not suit for u and then make a wrong statments that "you not happy with him". . that is so ridiculous . . .mane-2 lelaki pown takan pernah paham haty perempuan sebenarnye. . acctually , u always try so hard to be perfect to me but u must set up in u mind that no body perfect. . i love the way u are. .awk pelik ? takpee saye akn jdy lebiy pelik dari awk so awk takan rase pelik pown bile ade bersama sye. .awk seorang yg p'marah ? takpee syg. .sye akn try jdy owang yg paling penyabar dalam idup awk. . awk ta pham ngan haty perempuan agy ? sye akan try jdy sesimple mane yg boley so awk akn mudah pham haty sye. . ske maen tduh-2 and sangka buwuk at owang laen ? sye akn selalu bersama awk n jage awk so awk ta laa akn senang tuduh-2 and sangka buwuk at owang laen. . awk suke memakse ? ta. . sye buad sume tu rela tanpa pape paksaan pown sebab sye tahu awk buad sume tu untuk kebaikan sye an. . awk ta pernah buad sye happy sebalik nye selalu merana ? u know. . u always make me happy when i fell down by u own ways but u jus not realize coz it been to many times that u make me happy just then. .now u know why it wrong right ? then awk ckap yg "one day i will leave behind alone". . syg i will just go behind with u and just stay by u side so u will not be alone. . u have me. .
-u see now. .why i said it so wrong. .
-open u mind la. .u see the wrong ways. .
-don't says that again.
iloveyoufuckingdamnsomuch ♥
alw be right behind u

p/s : thank so much guys. .

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