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Thursday, 29 March 2012

my mission possible ♥

hyep stalker ! how do u ?
okayy . post kaly niy pasal bde yg seriously aku na buad la sebelum aku gone from this worlds . i will try my best to achieve all this list .

1. i want to marry the person that i love . the person that not only other thing that can i tell but i want to marry a person i can tell every little things to .

2 . seriously aku takod tgok darah orang laen . but na jugak derma darah untuk tujuan amal untuk orang laen la kan . na jady a savers aa niy . hehehe . aku tengok cter indon at tb tu selalu masuk hospital then stok darah da abes . rasenye an  boley ta naty 1 pack darah aku terbang g indon . tolong dorang tu . kesian la pulak =,='' hehe~ macam la byk pack aku na derma . habis la darah aku .

3 . lets we think about japan that famous with their sushi , china with their
Full-moon Dumpling (Yuanxiao) , Fish ‘n’ chips, Britain , Chili crab, Singapore, Tacos, Mexico , Egg tart, Hong Kong , and not least Penang assam laksa, Malaysia . tell me one things . do want taste every single bit of all the famous dishes in this world ? ? of course la kan . don't let yourself be '' bigger '' da la .heheh :D

4 . hehe . niy keje giler sikid but na jugak buad . best kod . 

5 . northern lights or know as aurora borealis. seriously chantek giler cahaye niy . ciptaan tuhan yg menakjubkan . kejadian alam yg paling mempersona . but malang nye this lights is very rare to seem . 

6 . married is once in a life . guess firework would make that day . 

7 . once in the life times na makbulkan impian my best friends . actually , ta tahu lagi ape dreams dorang but i think tapayah tanye pown da tahu ape impian dorang . if terdesak , tanye laa . ngeeee~ >,<
love u my bestie .

8 . sunset . romantic moment . ngeeee~ >,<
selalu nye tgok dalam movie , hero ngan heroin jalan-2 tepy pantai then tgok sunset , it's my favourite part =,='' * jelous

9 . spend the night in a hunted mansion .wooooo~ best kod . just imagine the scary part that u been that night . i positive that i will meet 'somebody' that night . . . 

10 . i love my mom and of same with course my dad . my mom just like my best friend ever . her know me better than anyone . mom i love u . one day , i will take u to ur dream vacation together with me . spent our times together . that is my promise mom . remember that !

11 . na naek ferris wheel ! horrrraaaiiii ! tapy . umm . gayat la ~

12 . snowball . snowball . snowball . snowball . snowball . i think that i gonna to win the fight . ^______________________^

13 . loving u no matter how old i am . spend every second in our life together . i don't want miss single second in my life without u . so here i'm to tell u that I LOVE U  !

14 . i love kid  love their cute little face , their small arm and lengs . super cute !!
one day i want my own kid , and be called as " mom " , hope my kid cute as me is . >..<
ngeee~ HAHA

15 . sweet an pic ats niy . love him until i die is . nobody know what gonna happen in the future but my feeling toward u will never fait .
nothing gonna changes my mind toward u ~ : P

okayy . tu laa .  that all from me . i will try my best to complete it .  

lastly tengs ^______________________^

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  1. Akak , cube tengok GA ni ? interesting tau ! masuk la !! heee~